Qualified and fast service specialist for North Sea tonnage

Falkvarv AB is located on the Swedish west coast between Öresund and Gothenburg. We are a shipyard company distinguished by our high technical competence and long-standing experience in the industry. Our relatively moderate size, with around 40 employees, allows us to have short and fast decision-making paths, enabling personal contact between the customer and all our staff at Falkvarv.

We have built a strong network of qualified subcontractors and collaborators, allowing us to provide high capacity at short notice. Falkvarv has the capability to perform almost all types of shipyard work, including technically complex tasks such as extensive engine conversions.

Within the shipyard area, we also have the capacity to provide the following services:

  • Blasting, painting, and surface treatment of all kinds
  • Electrical installations and service
  • Interior work

At Falkvarv, we have the expertise and equipment required to handle various blasting, painting, and surface treatment tasks. We are also well-equipped to perform electrical installations and provide service in this area. Additionally, we can take on interior work and ensure that your vessel or project is equipped and designed to meet your needs and preferences.

”Did you know…”

  • Falkvarv docks about 60 vessels per year.
  • Falkvarv AB was founded in 1987, but shipyard operations including new constructions and repairs have been present here since 1946.
  • Falkvarv has the capacity to dry dock vessels up to 150 meters in length.
  • We service two of the world's most advanced research vessels.
  • We can supply 440V / 60 Hz shore power.

Specialized expertise and flexibility for continued expansion

The shipyard's current focus on repair, maintenance and conversion has been adapted to our customers' demands and preferences.

In Falkenberg, we have the necessary resources, both in terms of competence and technical equipment, to carry out all types of requested tasks. Falkvarv has the capacity to dry dock vessels up to 150 meters long. We continually strive to develop our business towards even higher quality and shorter lay-up times, crucial factors for continued expansion. This is achieved through increased flexibility, such as having a well-established network that allows us to quickly bring in personnel with specialized expertise.

Long-standing shipyard operations in Falkenberg since 1946

Falkvarv AB was founded in Falkenberg in 1987 and built on a longstanding tradition of shipyard operations in the city since 1946. Over the years, we have undertaken both new constructions and repairs, establishing ourselves as a reliable player in the industry.


Extensive knowledge and technical competence

Our operation is characterized by high capacity and technical competence. We have a small and efficient administrative organization that keeps decision-making paths short.

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