Registration at Falkvarv AB

Registration to the person in charge of ISPS, Ken Johansson is mandatory. Registration upon arrival at Falkvarv AB at the latest. First and foremost, we would like for you to pre-register by mail to:

Information to specify: Vessel to be visited (in any), Name, Social security number/passport number. Employer (Company of employment): Date of arrival and estimated date of departure.

In case of multiple workers from the same employer it is possible to leave a list with the information. Upon arrival to Falkvarv, each worker will receive a personal card.

Please read the Security information (and the SAFE 18 and Safety regulations at Falkvarv AB)
If you have read the security information before you arrive, you only have to sign the paper and receive your card.


Extensive knowledge and technical competence

Our operation is characterized by high capacity and technical competence. We have a small and efficient administrative organization that keeps decision-making paths short.

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